Learn More About Sikkens Exterior Wood Finishes

Case Study: Sikkens Wood Coatings and Accoya – A Superb Combination!

Here at Carbon Paint Centre, we’re always delighted to bring our customers relevant industry information that will help them make informed choices about the products they use.

That’s why, today, we’re sharing the Sikkens video below – we’d like to help you learn more about exterior wood finishes; in particular, how to ensure exterior finishes stand the test of time.

Listen to architect Gordon Aitken explain what motivated him to chose Accoya cladding for his home near Fife in Scotland. Having chosen Accoya cladding, Gordon then decided to opt for a translucent Sikkens finish. Why not take a moment to watch the video clip and find out why Accoya and Sikkens wood coatings make such a good combination?

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