COMING SOON: New Generation Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 3310


Sikkens is preparing to launch a new generation range of best in class exterior wood protection.

At Carbon Paint Centre, we’re delighted to announce the upcoming launch of RUBBOL® WF 3310 – an advanced Sikkens exterior wood coatings product.

Highly-anticipated among industry insiders, RUBBOL® WF 3310 has been developed with extreme weather conditions in mind. In fact, extensive testing has proven RUBBOL® WF 3310’s resistance to weather conditions as harsh as arctic snow and ice, the glaring desert sun and tropical jungle humidity.

Product Benefits - Rubbols

RUBBOL® WF 3310, which is already available elsewhere in Europe, is expected to be launched in Ireland over the coming months (we’ll keep you posted!). Feedback from customers who have already trialled the product indicates that RUBBOL® WF 3310 allows for early surface hardness and excellent flow during sprayout.

Available in semi-matt or semi-gloss, this easy-to-spray mid and top coat provides long-lasting protection and beautiful surfaces even when applied in exceptionally thin layers. RUBBOL® WF 3310 offers excellent resistance against metal marking, scratches and weather; suitable for both hardwood and softwood.

Rubbol by Sikkens - Uses

To learn more, view the brochure HERE.

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