Powder Application Innovation – 3-D Laser Product Recognition Systems

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Carbon Paint Centre Leads The Way in Powder Application Technology – Fully Integrated 3-D Laser Product Recognition Systems Available

At Carbon Group, we’ve always been proud of our commitment to bring customers the most advanced powder application equipment. In fact, our pledge to offer the latest powder application systems means Gema’s state-of-the-art powder application equipment is only available in Ireland via Carbon Paint Centre.

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This week, we’re thrilled to highlight Gema’s fully integrated 3-D laser product recognition system. This cutting-edge technology allows clients to save not only on powder paint, but on time and labour costs.

Want to know more? Watch the video:

Carbon Group Coatings Division General Manager, Ken O’Grady, says the benefits of this advanced system are clear cut:

“Our market leading Gema powder application equipment has just again re-set the standards for our customers and all potential clients. The obvious effectiveness and efficiency benefits are clearly apparent. Our fully integrated 3-D laser product recognition systems allow clients to save on time, labour and powder quantities”.

According to Ken, the innovative system means process control is greatly enhanced:

“Via the technology of 3-D laser scanning, each powder gun is individually directed to the point of maximum coating efficiency on any and all parts which pass in front of them. It steers powder coating to a whole new level in terms of process control. We’re extremely pleased to say that Gema is available in Ireland exclusively via Carbon Paint Centre and carbonpaintcentre.ie.”

Remember: If you have any questions or queries about which Gema products would work best for your particular needs, don’t hesitate to call us on +353 1 902 3555.

Alternatively, drop in to us at Unit 22, Finglas Business Centre, D11 YX5F. Just tell us about your requirements and we’ll point you in the right direction!