Deltec Tape: Now Available at Carbon Paint Centre

Deltec tape promo image

The Most Accurate Brand to Paint With – Deltec Tape

Deltec Tape, the fastest growing tape brand of its type, is now available at Carbon Paint Centre.

Deltec masking tape promo image

Here’s what you need to know:

Deltec tapes have been designed with one key belief in mind: “a professional knows that using the right products will make their job easier, better and much more efficient”.

In fact, the company’s commitment to supporting professionals has seen the business roll out continuous innovation projects. As a result, users of Deltec tapes can expect to achieve the best possible results.

Try Deltec Masking Tape Original Gold – a stunning straight line tape that avoids paint bleed and residue and is UV resistant for six months. Alternatively, choose Deltec Masking Tape Sensitive – an incredible, low tack straight line tape for vulnerable surfaces; no paint bleed or residue for up to four months.

Want to find out more? Download the information leaflet HERE.

Deltec Original Gold