For PVC Doors & More! Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30

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Introducing a convenient and effective solution for wooden elements, including windows, doors and
; also ideal for direct application to PVC surfaces.

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The team here at Carbon Paint Centre is pleased to confirm that Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30 is now in stock and available to customers seeking an outstanding water-based two-pack top coat. The launch of Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30 will be of particular interest to anyone working with PVC surfaces – the renowned product range works directly on PVC.

So, for anyone dealing with PVC doors, we’re about to make your life a lot more colourful! That’s because Carbon Paint Centre can supply Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30 coatings in a fantastic full range of colours.

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What makes Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30 Exceptional?

  • Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30 is a two pack, semi gloss water borne opaque topcoat for exterior usage that benefits from outstanding durability, scratch and chemical resistance. These key features make it especially suitable as a robust coating where resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical abrasion is a definite advantage.

  • Together with standard usage on stable timber and board-like surfaces, Sikkens Rubbol WF3500-03-30’s excellent adhesion (enhanced by its 2K technology) makes it especially suitable for joinery constructed from GRP and similar hard plastics – in particular, doors.

View the brochure HERE.

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