A New Lease of Life With Sikkens CETOL WF771

It seems like just about everyone has been enjoying a spot of DIY in recent weeks. With that in mind, we weren’t too surprised to see that our own MD has been sprucing up his garden decking with the help of Sikkens CETOL WF771.

Using a power hose and an application of CETOL WF771, this 15 year old decking is looking like new. We say that’s a weekend well spent!!

We use our own products

Product Benefits At A Glance…

  • A special water-based coating for especially stressed wood in CETOL® WF 771 that preserves the unique wood effect and a finish which glistens in bright colours.
  • Can be used as a primer, mid and top coat
  • High UV protection
  • No flaking
  • Can also be used as a greying stain
  • Flexible application opportunities
  • High steam permeability
  • Very good bonding
  • Can be painted over without sanding
  • Quick-drying (at least two coats possible per day)
  • Can be tinted in the many colours of the ‘Never Ending Impressions’ collection
  • Can be combined with WV 810effect pigment for the metallic look

View the product listing HERE.