Another Splash of Garden Colour With Sikkens

More Garden Colour With Sikkens Rubbol WF 3310

Colourful garden shed finished with Sikkens

Who says garden sheds need to be brown…?

It’s always great to see garden surroundings brought to life with a dash of upbeat colour!

The photo above was shared by Ken O’Grady, our Carbon Group Paint Division Manager, who has been making efficient use of recent lockdown restrictions by spending weekends getting through his DIY to-do list!

Once again, for this garden project, Sikkens WF 3310-06 external wood paint was used. The colour code is RAL 6034. Frequently referred to as ‘pastel turquoise’, we’ve found that it’s a popular colour choice with Carbon Paint Centre customers this season.

Need advice for external wood finishing projects? For more information about the right Sikkens wood finishing product to suit your next project, speak to Barry or Darren on +353 1 88 29160.

Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 3310