PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Formaldehyde-free AkzoNobel FF Duracid and FF DuracidColor (FF Wood Finishes)

Completely free of formaldehyde and isocyanates, the AkzoNobel FF Duracid range of acid curing lacquers is the ideal choice for interior furnishings.

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A popular wood finishing for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and children’s playrooms (in fact, for all interior joinery, furniture and cabinetry!), FF Duracid and FF DuracidColor lacquers not only benefit the end users of interior furnishings but, importantly, are also safer for employees working in a spray shop environment. As a result, moving to formaldehyde-free (FF) and isocyanate-free formulations provides a win-win situation for staff and customers alike.

“Formaldehyde is a highly reactive, acutely toxic gas and a genotoxic carcinogen. It is predominantely used as a chemical intermediate to manufacture formaldehyde-based resins and other chemicals. Formaldehyde off-gassed from articles produced using formaldehyde-based substances contributes to consumer exposure in indoor environments”.

SOURCE: ECHA (European Chemical Agency of The EU)

No Compromise on Quality

It’s reassuring to know that the FF Duracid range has similar properties to our high-quality 2-component PUR alkyd paints or traditional acid-hardening paints. What’s more, the FF Duracid coating system can be perfectly applied with a spray gun and has an extremely long pot life of five days.

All system components are compatible and 100% matched.

A Beautiful Range of Colour Options

Talk to us about your colour choices! Tinting is available in a full range of RAL codes. For colour queries and advice, please call us on +353 1 902 3555.

Anything else….?

  • FF Duracid and FF DuracidColor products have excellent adhesion to all woods as well as UV-primed surfaces
  • Drying, viscosity and gloss properties can be easily adjusted with various additives depending on the handworker’s needs or the industrial application.
  • No smell for the end user
  • Fast drying
  • Non-yellowing
  • Excellent stacking properties
  • Simple cleaning routines for the production line and equipment
  • Extended pot-life (5 days)
  • Clear products with excellent clarity
  • Excellent adhesion

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AkzoNobel FF Duracid & FF DuracidColor Range – Available Products:

  • Primer DuracidColor FF DC-P360 2100-756001
  • Clear lacquer Duracid FF D-T260-10 2050-023101
  • Duracid FF D-T260-30 2050-024301
  • Duracid FF D-T260-80 2050-025801
  • Pigmented DuracidColor FF DC-T460-25-S0502-Y 2150-797251
  • DuracidColor FF DC-T460-20-S0500-N 2150-798201
  • DuracidColor FF DC-T460-40-S0502-Y 2150-799401
  • Tinting bases DuracidColor FF DC-T460-30-B00 2150-008301
  • DuracidColor FF DC-T460-30-B01 2150-811301
  • Thinner Thinner TAC9402 – S (slow drying) (THINNER 110) 6500-002001
  • Thinner TAC9400 – M (medium drying) (THINNER 112) 6500-004001
  • Thinner TAC9403 – F (quick drying) (THINNER 259) 6500-025001
  • Additives SB THIXAGENT (more thixotropic product) 8500-035001
  • SB MATTING 501 (to lower the gloss) 8500-040001
  • Hardener HAC6404 7200-007001

Remember: If you have any further questions or queries about which AkzoNobel products would work best for your next product, don’t hesitate to call us on +353 1 902 3555.