Product Spotlight: Interpon Powder Coatings for Agricultural & Construction Equipment (ACE)

Learn more about how Interpon Powder Coatings are designed to meet the unique demands of the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) market

Promo image for Interpon 'ACE' range.
Photo credit: Interpon/AkzoNobel

Combining superior corrosion and weathering protection with a high-quality finish, Interpon’s Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) range is specifically designed for vehicles that are pushed to the limit every day.

Read on to find out more about this sought-after Interpon range that is not only renowned for endurance in tough working conditions, but also noted for its environmental credentials.

ACE 500

Setting new standards in performance.

The ACE 500 series is available in a range of colours and finishes to meet your standard durability needs. Available with or without TGIC, the range provides consistently high protective qualities, UV stability and mechanical performance.

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ACE 1000

Resisting corrosion and chemical damage but retaining color, gloss and finish.

Designed for exterior components, the ACE 1000 range meets all of your functional and decorative needs. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, corrosion and everyday wear and tear is complemented by superior color retention in a high-gloss or satin finish. This not only keeps your vehicle performing, but also looking good all year round. And with low-E, it offers the benefit of curing with lower oven temperatures to increase line speeds and further improve production throughout.

Promo image for the Interpon 'ACE' range.
Photo credit: Interpon/AkzoNobel

ACE 2000

Super durable topcoats that perform in the world’s most challenging environments.

Super durability, superior UV and weather resistance, and protection against corrosion are the principal advantages of the ACE 2000 range. Available in satin and high gloss finishes, the range is tested to deliver in some of the most extreme conditions to ensure your heavy equipment is always performing, no matter how big the challenge.

ACE Primer

Our primers are kind to the environment but tough on corrosion.

Interpon’s ACE Primers have been tested to the highest specification to protect heavy duty vehicles and equipment from salt spray and chemical corrosion. Combined with a topcoat, the system provides excellent weatherability and durability, as well as resistance to humidity and impact damage.

ACE Align

Innovative products to save costs, energy and time.

ACE Align’s dry-on-dry application process allows the primer and topcoat to be applied and cured together, saving time and energy to bring economic advantages, as well as enhancing performance. High levels of corrosion resistance and edge coverage are complemented by excellent adhesion between the substrate and topcoat. This ensures that the coating integrity is not compromised even in the most severe conditions.

Interpon ACE

More about Interpon’s outstanding performance: 

  • Interpon automotive powder coatings protect and enhance every part of a vehicle, inside and out, from the chassis to the wheels, and a great deal more besides.
  • On the outside, springs, engine blocks, electrical components, and headlamp reflectors all benefit from the protective performance that Interpon provides; on the inside, audio speaker covers, door interiors, seat frames and slides gain similar advantages.
  • Interpon not only protects but also enhances, with a top body coat that provides a viable alternative to liquid with a system that requires fewer layers and is better for the environment.

For more information about Interpon’s ACE range, call us on +353 1 902 3555. View further details about ACE products here.