A Bit of Magic with Gema Powder Coating Solutions…

Carbon Paint Centre’s engineering team is working towards the full completion of our very latest Gema Magic System installation in Ireland. 

This system, when fully operational, will allow our high-end engineering customer the complete flexibility and quality required to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Carbon Group has been the proud partner to Gema in Ireland for over twenty-five years. During that time, we’ve won the confidence of many customers who also demand an Irish-based partner for service and spares back-up.

This particular Gema Magic plant will hugely benefit our client’s absolute need for efficiency, quality and productivity well into the future.

For further information on Carbon Paint Centre’s full Gema portfolio, please visit our Gema product page or call us on +353 1 902 3555.

What is the Gema Magic System?

If you’re looking for a quick colour change, Gema provides a truly unique concept whereby all components are designed for a very quick colour change. In fact, a five to fifteen minute colour change time is easy to achieve (depending on the application and process conditions).

Reduce you line’s idle time and maximise productivity; Magic Systems are designed as the ideal solution for an environment where productivity is centred on a ‘Just in Time’ approach.

Additional features:

  • Flexibility: you can process an unlimited number of colours in just one compact and space saving booth system. No need for multiple booths, movable plastforms and other expensive investments.
  • Quality: Gema delivers the highest quality standards as part of this system, even with metallic powders, structured powders and other challenging materials.
  • Efficiency: A faster and easier cleaning process; prevents powder waste.
  • Health and Cleanliness: The OptiCenter’s sealed powder circuit protects the operator’s health, guarantees a clean working environment and avoids powder contamination.
  • Reliability: Advanced automation ensures stable application results and a clean and repeatable colour change process.

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More info: Gema product page / +353 1 902 3555