BONDERITE Adhesion Promoter No Rinse

The most economical way to improve the performance of your line with the minimum space requirements – BONDERITE Adhesion Promoter No Rinse provides a solution for every challenge:

  • Allows quality improvement with minimal investment
  • Free from Cr6+, Ni, toxic heavy metals and highly reactive substances
  • Easy to install; easy to use

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Several configurations are available to accommodate various requirements:

  • Lineguard APNR added to a RO or DI line improves paint adhesion and corrosion performance without space constraints (APNR ramps can be installed in existing lines).
  • Lineguard APNR allows the most effective implementation of New Generation Coatings (NGC) in short lines by adding to the process an additional conversion coating step.
  • No bath monitoring: Always fresh chemistry is misted on parts


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