The New Environmentally Compatible Cleaner For All Uncured Paints & Coatings.

Hard on paint, gentle on the environment!

Safe and environmentally compatible, the cleaner BONDERITE C-MC 21130 removes uncured paints and coatings within minutes. It is ideal for all companies that use paints and wet coatings. Innovative and water-based, BONDERITE C-MC 21130 replaces conventional solvent-containing cleaners that are hazardous, toxic and flammable.

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One cleaner for all paint and coating types: easily dissolves both water-based and solvent-containing paints as well as wet coatings, latex, rubber, resins and electrophoretic deposits. It will even remove uncured adhesives such as cyanoacrylates, 2-part polyurethanes and silicones.

  • Non-flammable & Safe: BONDERITE C-MC 21130 is non-flammable. No special precautions are needed for transport or storage.
  • Odourless and non-hazardous: BONDERITE C-MC 21130 contains 50 percent less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than conventional solvents and is odourless up to 40 °C. No breathing mask* required.
  • Simply apply and wipe off: Apply the paint remover with a brush or spray gun and wipe off the paint or coating using cloths. The surface will be spotless within minutes.


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