With the BONDERITE® E-CO AT05 automatic titrator, automatic titration moves from the laboratory to the process.

The simple unit is strong, installed in a sealed box, can control up to 6 lines, and conduct diverse analysis on a vast product range in succession. The titrator, apart from managing the sample and analysis, performs routine autocalibration cycles, manages acoustic and luminous alarms
on the measured values and archives data from the various lines.

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The installed control unit manages the addition of concentrated products necessary for restoring and
maintaining the chemical parameters of the process. The sample is automatically lifted from the lines, placed in the external sampler, introduced into the analysis cell and titrated with reagents via a syringe dispenser. Reagents necessary for the preparation of the sample for analysis and calibration cycles are introduced in the cell via peristaltic pumps. A central control unit manages all the titration phases and external interfacing (programming, transmission and printing).

Analysis & Titration:

    – Bivalent Iron (C-CP process)
    – Trivalent Iron (C-CP process)
    – H2SO4 (C-CP process)
    – 704 BC (C-CP process)
    – Free Alkalinity
    – Total Alkalinity
    – Free Acidity
    – Total Acidity


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