BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 (Nickel-Free)

Cold sealing for anodised aluminium without using nickel.

Low temperature and nickel-free: The innovative nickel-free sealing technology ensures perfectly clean, clear or electrolytically coloured anodised aluminium surfaces without blooming or fingerprint effects at a significantly lower process temperature compared to traditional processes. BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 fulfills the QUALANOD specifications.

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No nickel, no heavy metals, no allergy: The anodised products are not critical for people with nickel allergies – relevant for parts in contact with skin, like jewellery, lip sticks, smartphones, car interior parts, bike components.

No greenish shadow effect: No risk to create a coating with a greenish shade through absorbed nickel salts as BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 has a water clear aspect.

Carbon foot print: Potential to reduce carbon footprint by 30% compared to traditional nickel hot sealing processes.

Very limited plant modification requirements: The sealing and ageing step at the end of the anodising process remains. A special additive BONDERITE M-ED 11350 is added to the ageing tank. The BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 process step requires bath filtration.


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