New Generation Coating:

The highest standard for corrosion protection and paint adhesion: Henkel has once again set new standards. Thin film conversion coatings offer new opportunities with a reliable, state-of-the-art pretreatment process.

BONDERITE M-NT conversion coating delivers the sustainability and process savings you expect. Spray and dip applicable BONDERITE M-NT reduces the complexity throughout the entire pretreatment process and offers new flexibility to your production. This means saving potentials with superior quality and performance.

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BONDERITE M-NT is the fast, easy, green and efficient alternative to phosphate conversion coatings: it’s an innovative product family of multi-metal pretreatments which leads to superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.

The Bonderite M-NT product family establishes an extremely robust zirconium based thin film conversion coating on the substrate which offers unequalled corrosion protection within the pretreatment process. Improved formulations with highly effective flash-rust inhibitors prevents steel from rusting instantly between the process stages (e.g. between conversion bath and rinse bath) or at line stops.

The nano-layer structure of BONDERITE M-NT provides enhanced paint adhesion allowing best coating results even on lower quality substrates.


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