The Autodeposition Process (Bonderite M-PP Series)

The BONDERITE M-PP autodeposition process delivers a thin organic coating with high anti-corrosion properties, while increasing the process efficiency over traditional finishing methods. This allows the application equipment and process control to be easier and lower in cost. The combination of metal pretreatment and primer in one process provides a lasting finish with the unique feature of coating both inside and outside of parts (e.g. tubular sections).

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Autodeposition represents a process to apply a layer of anti-corrosive paint directly on to steel substrates using a chemical reaction.

  • No electrical current
  • Metal pretreatment and primer in one
  • Unique throwing power properties (‘it coats where it wets’)
  • Uniform edge coverage
  • Self-levelling reaction
  • Shorter footprint & process time compared to conventional paint systems


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