Collection Futura 2018-2021

Collection Futura 2018-2021: Special Superdurable Finishes

Why choose high durability?

  • Superdurable products have excellent weathering durability compared to standard durability products, so the aesthetics of a building will last longer.
  • Gloss retention and color stability of the coating are far superior to standard durability coatings.
  • Chalking is limited compared to standard durability systems.
  • Superdurable powders meet Qualicoat Class 2, GSB Master and AAMA 2604.

View the brochure and read more about the range's environmental credentials HERE.


Collection Futura 2018-2021 is developed together with leading trend, design and innovation consultants, PeclersParis, and is covered by our Global Gold Warranty* (subject to conditions).

AkzoNobel has the longest track tecord in Superdurable Technology.

Collection Futura is sustainable:

AkzoNobel is the first major powder coatings manufacturer to achieve a third-party certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its coatings. An EPD includes a life-cycle analysis of the raw materials used in the product, manufacture of the product itself, shipping to the customer and application.

For each stage, the carbon output, acidification of water, water usage and other elements are measured. Our EPD has been verified as accurate by a third-party examiner.


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