Coo-Var Shellac Prime-All – 1 Litre


Coo-Var Shellac Prime-All is a heavy duty shellac based coating designed to block out difficult stains and odours.

Shellac Prime-All prevents bleed through from heavy stains like nicotine, pen oils and water stains; ideal for sealing tar, bitumen and creosoted surfaces. It can also be used as a primer and sealer for timber, wood composites, plaster, cement, some plastics and brickwork; spot primer on exteriors.

Note: Similar to Pegaprim Isofix


  • Seals knots & stains
  • Eliminates odour
  • Very fast drying
  • Suitable surfaces: timber, wood composites, plaster, cement, most plastics & brickwork
  • Finish: matt
  • Application: roller or brush
  • Drying time: touch dry – 10 minutes
  • Overcoat time: 30 minutes
  • Estimated Coverage: 10m² per litre


Technical Data Sheet: Coo-Var Shellac Prime-All


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