DeVilbiss Advance HD Compliant Mid Size Spray Gun Range

The all purpose mid-sized Compliant Spray Gun Range


The DeVilbiss Advance HD spray gun range ensures there’s a DeVilbiss spray gun to suit all types of industrial spray finishing applications.Pressure, Suction and Gravity feed, the DeVilbiss Advance HD family utilise a comprehensive, wide range of Compliant Air Caps to provide outstanding coatings’ atomisation for handling all types of solvent, waterborne, high solids and 2K materials.

  • Robust, Lightweight and work friendly design for High Demand outputs
  • Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
  • Trans-Tech Compliant and HVLP air caps provide superior finish with the best possible paint savings and transfer efficiency
  • Contoured handle design – Greatly reduces RSi and operator fatigue
  • Stainless Steel tips, needles and fluid passageways as standard
  • CE marked and fully ATEX approved.



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