Eco-friendly Conversion Coatings

BONDERITE® Chrome-VI Free Technologies

Reduced environmental impact – improved health, safety and efficiency.

An upcoming EU-guideline, no longer allowing the use of Chrome-VI for corrosion protection of metals (except for safety-critical applications like aerospace) requires new alternatives to replace Chrome-VI coated components while maintaining the properties.

Conforming to the EU directives for conversion coating processes for light metal substrates by offering health and safety and process costs advantages.

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BONDERITE conversion coatings produce a homogeneous conversion layer with excellent corrosion resistance properties and paint adhesion characteristics. By avoiding Chrome-VI decontamination as well as the use of less water and energy, the total process costs get lower and the process itself more eco-friendly.

Compared to Chrome-VI processes health impact is reduced. Currently Chrome-III and non-chrome pretreatment technologies are already conform to REACH (obligatory September, 2017).

Henkel assists customers closely during the conversion from a Chrome-VI process to the sustainable alternative, including recommendations on the chemical cleaning of the production line. The process can be monitored using special dosing and control equipment like BONDERITE Lineguard Supervisor.


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