Eternity: Low Solar Absorption Powder Coatings

Collection Eternity: Low Solar Absorption Powder Coatings

Collection Eternity is comprised of 20 color shades of powder coatings capable of reflecting heat generated by exposure to direct sunlight. Based on the Interpon D2525 ECO technology, coatings in this collection can offset the effects of Urban Heat Islands, which are on the increase in large cities. As part of the Interpon D2000 range, Collection Eternity also comes with exceptional durability – a proven 21 year on-building track record.

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Urban heat islands occur in cities where areas of dense construction are experiencing higher temperatures than nearby rural areas, increasing summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs and air pollution.

Interpon D2525 ECO powder coatings contain a reflective pigment that deflects the infrared light responsible for heat build-up, from any substrate that it coats. As a result, the surface of the substrate, and any interior spaces that it protects, are cooler than if painted with a standard coating, helping to reduce energy costs.

Collection Eternity is arranged into four colour themes: 1) the Luxury range of opulent metallic finishes; 2) the Harmony range of pale, light colours that create a feeling of calm and serenity; 3) Simplicity, colours that work well to combine elements such as cement, glass and stone; and 4) Earthy colours that reflect the natural environment.

All Interpon D products including Collection Eternity come with a range of guarantees and meet all international and architectural standards including Qualicoat, GSB and AAMA.


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