Frencken Window Frame Adhesive 99-000

Frencken Window Frame Adhesive is a high-quality single component elastic adhesive suitable for a vast range of timber. It’s highly suitable for bonding the joints in window and door frames and provides exceptional water-proofing qualities to the joint.
Frencken Window Frame Adhesive carries KOMO certification on 8 different timbers, including Accoya and Sapele. It has superior gap-filling qualities, making it a highly suitable adhesive to help seal the joint area from moisture ingress.


– Exceptional End grain sealing properties

– Forms a flexible but very strong adhesive that fills the gap in the joint

– KOMO certified (certificate 20942)

– Adhesive squeezed out at the joint forms a seal, meaning v-joint fillers are not required

– Adhesive distributes through the whole joint, leaving no gaps for moisture to enter

– No press time

– No foaming and no shrinkage

– Can be overcoated with a wide range of coatings

– Contains no Isocyanates