Interpon A2000: Trim

Interpon A2000 Exterior Trim

Pillars and appliqués, roof racks, grille guards, bumpers, hitches, mirror housings, and wiper arms all require protection from the environment as well as being visually harmonious with the overall design of a vehicle.

Interpon A2000 products are there for all of these components and more. A2201 powders are super durable and A2202 are standard durable depending on the performance level specified by the OEMs. They are also chemical and corrosion resistant, protective against chipping from road debris, hardened against scratches, but flexible enough to handle always changing environmental cycles.

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Innovation is at the heart of A2000; in fact, Interpon launched state of the art high gloss black products that achieve a new standard for exterior trim powder coatings.

Available in polyester, polyurethane and acrylic, Interpon A2000 achieves a super smooth appearance in a luxurious high gloss black with enhanced scratch resistance, UV durability, and OEM approvals. In addition, the benefits of Interpon A2000 come with huge savings over a similar finish in a liquid base/clear system.

For those who are committed to a true Class A appearance, especially Interpon A2200 Acrylic high gloss
finishes are for you.


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