Interpon A5000 – Bodyshell

Interpon A5000 (Bodyshell) – Sustainable & Cost-conscious

The well-evidenced benefits of AkzoNobel’s Interpon A powder coatings are now available as a topcoat for car body shells.

Interpon A5000 marks the start of a new era for automotive manufacturers who are keen to reduce both their carbon footprint and their costs without compromising on technical quality or performance

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For the first time, Interpon A5000 offers the automotive industry a genuinely sustainable alternative to liquid paints. Powder coatings have the intrinsic advantages of zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), tough resistance, fewer production process steps than liquid systems and high utilisation
efficiencies. In addition, A5000 can provide a range of finishes and paint effects that will push back the boundaries of traditional car coatings.

Interpon A5000 powders are available either as super-durable polyester topcoats – a sensible choice for commercial vehicles and recommended for the rising class of popular good-value cars – or GMA acrylic powders which have superior appearance qualities. GMA acrylics are available as a solid color monocoat
or as basecoat/clearcoat systems.


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