Interpon D Texture ISR: Improved Slip Resistance

Powder Coatings For Aluminium Decking – Interpon D Texture ISR: Improved Slip Resistance features coarser particle texture for improved slip resistance in both dry and wet conditions (≥60 PTV – dry and ≥50 PTV – wet) in accordance with BS7976-2 +A1 2013 (solid colours)

Additional finish options available: structura, stone effect and STF wood effect.

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  • A2fl or A2,s1-d0 classified
  • Qualicoat Class 1 & 2 compliant
  • Various colours can be matched
  • Lead time of 5-7 working days
  • Sustainable & recyclable material
  • No warping or rotting issues associated with traditional timber decking
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Qualicoat coating material compliant with EN 12206
  • Improved aesthetics


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