Interpon Futura Collection 2022-2025

Special Superdurable Finishes:

“Connecting to a beautiful world”

The Futura collection is so much more than simply a range of exciting colours. Futura is an emotion, a collection that inspires a feeling of tranquillity and peace, of thoughtfulness and healing, bringing balance to buildings and projects for years to come.

Through its three new colour palettes – Merging Worlds, Healing Nature, and Soft Abstraction – Futura reminds us of our connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Designed by the experts at our Global Aesthetics Centre, the heart of our trend analysis and colour expertise, Futura envelops us in a warm and comforting blanket of calm, safe in the knowledge that our creations, and our world, are now better protected.

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The Colour Collections:

Merging Worlds:

To design the global buildings of the future, it helps to reflect on the beauty of the past. Using deep, crimson reds and subtle browns, the Merging Worlds palette elevates authentic materials like brick and natural wood to create a bold and powerful statement.

Soft Abstraction:

We all need time to sit back and think, to rest and reconsider, to contemplate and imagine a positive future. Driven by the power of contemplation, this trend covers a beautiful range of neutral, soft tone color shades and fine metallics that bring vitality and health to open spaces, laying the foundations for people to connect and recharge.

Healing Nature:

With a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, Healing Nature provides the chance to reconnect with the world and find the balance to contrast our busy lives. The trend showcases a range of natural shades – greens and earthy tones, organic shapes and unrefined patterns – that provide a grounding quality to bring us, and our architectural designs, closer to the surrounding environment bringing a sense of tranquillity and calm.