Interpon Powder Coatings : Public Transportation Interiors

Interpon Powder Coatings : Public Transportation Interiors

The interiors of rolling stock which are used in the public transportation market are exposed to a wide range of aggressive environments and demand a top quality coating system to protectand maintain throughout their life cycle.

In particular, this Interpon coating system provides protection against corrosion or UV degradation due to exposure to sunlight. It also protects against damage caused by the passengers either accidental – bumps, scrapes and spillages – or deliberate – scratches, graffiti, dents.

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Powder coatings are the ideal solution for train interiors by providing outstanding protection, in a durable coating, which is resistant to graffiti and available in a broad palette of colors, in a paint finish which is also VOC free and environmentally friendly.

AkzoNobel has a global technical and commercial team focussed on the demands of the public transportation industry. Working with experts at AkzoNobel, Carbon Paint Centre offers support throughout the design, specification and manufacture chain.


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