RESICOAT Dual Layer Pipe Coatings

RESICOAT DL Dual Layer Pipe Coatings

Dual Layer FBE Coatings were introduced in the early 1990s as an alternative to liquid over-coating systems for directional drilling applications.

RESICOAT DL is designed to achieve outstanding pipeline properties, even in the most severe operating environments.

Two stand-alone FBE coatings are applied successively by electrostatic spray in one spray booth and the overspray of both layers can be recycled and sprayed between both layers. Through this combination the resulting film performance characteristics are better than the sum of the individual coatings.

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The first layer Resicoat® R-726 has the excellent adhesion and corrosion-resistance properties of a stand-alone FBE coating. The second layer typically is deposited during the melt stage of the first layer and the result is an intimate chemical bond between the two layers. The key to the superior properties of the Dual Layer Coating System is the specially formulated second layer. This provides a range of options for superior performance that is designed to suit an important range of applications.

Advantages of dual layer coating systems

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High anti-corrosion properties
  • Easy application in existing coating plants
  • Avoids cathodic protection shielding problem
  • Total homogeneity: the same coating can be used for the entire pipeline including girth welds and any fittings


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