RESICOAT – EL, EL1, EL4 Series

RESICOAT – EL, EL1, EL4 Series – Epoxy Powder For Electrical Insulation

AkzoNobel has many decades of experience in the field of Electrical Insulation. Almost every task can be solved with epoxy powder coatings. This of course requires a great variety of special formulations and custom designed products which we adapt to the different coating processes.

Compared to the insulation achieved with thermoplastics and paper, Epoxy Powder Coatings offer a high adhesion to metal (up to 25 MPa) as well a high mechanical strength even at 300° C.

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Field of Application

The main fields of application for epoxy powders in Electrical Insulation are slot
insulation, coil impregnation, core insulation, insulation of wire and bus bars and the encapsulation of electronic components.


Fire regulations require that coated electronic components must not burn when exposed to heat. Our products for insulation of electronic components comply with the relevant standard – UL directive 94.


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