Sikkens RUBBOL® WF 3310

Single Pack Mid and Top Coat For Exterior Wooden Elements

New generation efficiency with best of class protection. Modern, high-quality wooden window frames add beauty and value to newly built and refurbished homes. RUBBOL® WF 3310 enables both quality and efficiency in window production.

Available in semi-matt or semi-gloss, this easy-to-spray mid and top coat provides long-lasting protection and beautiful surfaces even when applied in exceptionally thin layers. RUBBOL® WF 3310 offers excellent resistance against metal marking, scratches and weather; suitable for both hardwood and softwood.

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Long standing tests have proven RUBBOL® WF 3310’s resistance to weather conditions as extreme as arctic snow and ice, the glaring desert sun and tropical jungle humidity.

COLOURS: Our new colour system provides you with a complete system: colours for interior and exterior water-borne and solvent-borne wood coatings. The AkzoNobel standard collection includes RAL, NCS, Sikkens 4041 and 5051, which allows us to offer a wide range of colours. In addition to this, we can combine these colours to create completely individual tones using the spectrophotometer and our software. Our quality control department is checking every batch of the bases and colourants to guarantee a very high reproducibility of colours.


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