Sikkens RUBBOL WP1900

Primer and Mid Coat For Exterior Wooden Elements Like Windows and Doors

White stays white – even with tannins!

Beautiful wooden windows deserve the best protection available from discolouring extracts. RUBBOL® WP 1900 provides complete peace of mind, regardless the quality of the wood you choose. Easy to apply by dipping or flow coating, the advanced primer and mid coat solution delivers a level of protection against tannin bleeding never seen before in a water-borne primers. The result: high-quality wooden windows that offer a healthy living environment and retain their attractive appearance.

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Specially engineered for perfect wood moisture regulation and isolating properties, RUBBOL® WP 1900 is the ideal primer and mid coat for both pine and hardwood window frames. The neutral white coating gives
you maximum freedom to apply an attractive top coat.

Low emissions: With a maximum VOC rating of 40g per litre, RUBBOL® WP 1900 is suitable for windows, joinery and cladding with low-emissions claims. At the same time, it enables you to promise outstanding protection from both weathering and tannin bleeding.


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