SPS Satinwood (Water Based)

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Water-based, scratch-resistant, durable and satin-gloss polyurethane modified acrylic paint; good retention of colour and gloss.

Perfect flow, resistant to oils from the skin and easy to clean.

Quick drying, odourless and low in solvents; for interior use.

Colour choices available: Tinting is available in a range of 1000s of colours (including RAL, BS and NCS, as well as most other popular brand codes and colour names). For colour queries and advice, please email [email protected]

Please enter the colour code of the colour you require in the ‘order notes’ text box at the checkout stage of your purchase.


  • Perfect flow
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Virtually odourless and quick drying
  • Easy to work with a brush
  • Resistant to oils from the skin
  • Good retention of colour and gloss


Technical Data Sheet: SPS Satinwood Water-based (Satin PU-A)


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