Toupret Touprelith® F Masonry Exterior Repair Filler – 1.5 Kilogramme


Toupret Touprelith® F Masonry Repair Exterior Filler – 1.5 Kilogramme – Grey

Repair filler in powder, for exterior use; manual application.

TOUPRELITH® F can be coated with any type of exterior filler or waterborne paint. It can also be coated with mineral paints, semi-thick plastic walls coatings and water resistant coatings.

Fill and repair without formwork; adheres on damp masonry; will not flash or grin. No stabilising solution or PVA required.

See datasheet below for further information.


Toupreith® F can be used on all rough masonry surfaces:

  • Cement, concrete
  • Breeze blocks
  • Bricks
  • Stones


Datasheet: Toupret Exterior Filler


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