Zinsser Write-On Paint – 30 m² – White


Innovative Zinsser Write-On Paint allows you to turn any wall in your office or classroom into a creative centre. Write-On Paint® is a white coating that transforms your ordinary walls into a dry-wipe surface. After simple installation you will be able to use any standard dry-wipe marker* on your walls.

Ideal for use on painted interior surfaces such as: plasterboard, hardboard, wood, cement and metal.

* See packaging or contact a member of our Carbon Paint Centre team for more details.


Perfect for use in schools, colleges, universities, offices – one pack covers 30 square metres in just a single coat application. For best results apply over vinyl, silk or acrylic eggshell. If applying to a new or matt surface use a suitable white, water-based primer first.

  • For professional use (schools, offices etc)
  • 2 pack system (base coat and activator)
  • Kit includes large microfibre roller
  • Dries in 4 hours, writeable in 5 days
  • 1 coat application
  • Tough and durable
  • Indoor use


Datasheet: Zinsser Write-On Paint