VAT Discount

UPDATE (10/03/2021):

Here at Carbon Paint Centre, we've decided to continue to offer our online customers a 2% discount on their web orders. So, even though the VAT rate has now returned to 23%, your order will be discounted by 2% at checkout.

Naturally enough, you're still paying the official 23% VAT rate - the discount is on us! It's just a very small gesture to show our appreciation for your custom.

This promotion will apply to online orders ONLY and will run until 5th April, 2021.

Original Post (01/09/2020):

In line with the Irish government's July Stimulus tax announcement, Carbon Paint Centre is reducing the percentage VAT charged to customers. A 2% discount on VAT will be applied to your purchases at checkout (from 1st September, 2020 to 28th February 2021). Our shipping rate has also been discounted.

How it works:

It's actually quite a big job for us to change all the prices individually so we've taken 2% off on VAT at the checkout stage. This is how the discount works:

Let’s consider the product Rust-Oleum Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing - 1 Litre...


The price shown on the website for this product is €17.00 and is inclusive of VAT at 23%. The product price without VAT is €13.82 (€17.00 - €3.18). 

Adding 21% VAT (in line with the new temporary VAT rate) to the original product price of €13.82 will give us €16.72 (€13.82 + €2.90). This is the revised price when the temporary VAT rate is applied.

The price difference between the two is €17.00 - €16.72 i.e. €0.28.

At checkout, you would see that a discount of €0.28 is applied. Please note that occasionally software rounds it to one cent less or one cent more. Happy shopping!

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