Duraflex Wood Coating Technology: Outstanding Durability, Long-lasting Protection

Looking for a wood coating system that provides optimum durability and long-lasting protection?

Thanks to a perfect combination of substrate and coating, the Sikkens Duraflex coating system ensures long-lasting weather protection – proven by extensive weathering testing at the Q-Lab Weathering Research Service.

Duraflex endurance testing

Innovative light stabilisers (in the translucent coatings) give the coating high and long-lasting protection against UV radiation. The outstanding permeable properties of the film ensure an especially good moisture balance in the wood.

The result? Thanks to these innovative properties, the Duraflex coating system guarantees extremely high weather resistance.

Duraflex rain and hail test results

Sikkens Duraflex at a glance…

  • Long term elasticity (particularly needed in cases where temperature and moisture fluctuate)
  • Resistance to the impact of extreme weathering
  • Very good timber adhesion
  • High UV protection through innovative new light stabilisers
  • Long-lasting effectiveness of UV light stabilisers
  • Especially effective moisture protection due to the film’s outstanding permeable properties
  • High resistance to cracking

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